Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year Wishings!

I would like to take the opportunity to greet all fellow readers & my students, Happy New Year! May the year of 2009 will be another great jump-start to all efforts that you have put in earlier. To my students, may you are blessed with great grades & get a good place in top universities. I know some of you are looking for MIT, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford & LSE

Also to other readers/ business people, try to look at the economic downturn POSITIVELY. There could be blessings in disguise. This could be a good opportunity to seize your weakening business rivals, enlarge your market share & hire brains at your company at discounted wage. There are so many proffesionals coming back from overseas & desperately looking for job now. Who knows, maybe you could exert your 'monopsony' power

And to all my friends, sorry for not spending much time with you all. 2008 is the busiest year in my life that I wish I have 30 hours a day!

To my colleagues, well I'm truly optimistic we are in the A-Team & A Level higher than the rest. Thanks to my boss, Mr. Jahn for allowing me to be part of the maestro. To Datuk Dr. Paul, I always 'admire' (if not people will think otherwise) you from the back. Your business frontier is undeniable. Truly a great tycoon. I now began to look at things from businessman point of view! Everything! Cost saving, efficiency etc

To all other HELP colleagues, we need to push harder for sales! Our rival, is 'sewing us' if you know which college I meant. Anyway since they play dirty, we must play the dirty game too!!


sweister said...

whoaa the last paragraph is so brutal. happy new year sir!

Lawrence Low said...

Hi same to you Suet!