Saturday, February 21, 2009

How Does It Feel Living In One Of Those Urban Slums

This is a video clip regarding shanty towns/ urban slums which took place in Sau Paulo, the largest city in Brasil. The local people have a unique name for it, the favelas.

Some issues worth to consider:

Reasons for the existence of urban slum:

(a) Rural migrants whose skills are ill-suited to the modern manufacturing & service sector in urban

(b) Although the urban does provide employments, somehow it is unable to absorb the large influx of migrant workers

(c) Manufacturing sector is increasingly replacing manual labour with machineries as part of long term cost saving

Implications of growing favelas:

(a) A disgust to the beautiful sight of the city

(b) Increase in crime rates in the city. Robbery will probably be the most common one since people there have insufficient income or no income to support themselves

(c) Rising income inequality

(d) Spreading diseases as garbage are all over the street

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