Monday, September 8, 2008

World Economic Forum

What is World Economic Forum?

A forum where world top corporate leaders, national political leaders, economists, journalists & intellectuals gather to dialogue & debate about major social & economic problems. At times they also invite critics from NGOs like Amnesty International, Save the Children, Friends of the Earth etc

What is its mission?

To improve the economic & social state of the world. Key issues address here are like HIV treatment, clean water supply, fostering ties between Islam & the West etc

Does it have political affiliations?

No. It’s independent & free from any political intervention. Also it’s regarded as not-for-profit organisation.

What is the “Annual Meetings of New Champions”?

Since 2007 World Economic Forum has instituted the “Annual Meeting of New Champions”. This year it will be held in Tianjin, China. It is to address the role & contributions of top companies particularly from rising economies such as China & India. Businesses from developed countries which are fast moving up also considered

Malaysia not bad though, as Puncak Niaga & Scomi are recognised as one of the top companies in the world

Check this out, the so called world top companies:

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