Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How To Write A Good Essay For Section A of Unit 3: Business Behaviour (Edexcel IAL)

A Guide to Essay Writing

1. Choosing which two essays to do. The criteria of selection should be based on familiarity with the topics, ability to think of the points required, any evaluations in mind, can diagram be applied, possibility of using numerical examples to consolidate/ substitute explanations and any real world examples that can be applied onto writing. Do this very quickly for all the 4. If there is a need, draft a rough frame answer to better decide and imagine where it will go from there. This may take a couple of minutes. It is ok to spend a little longer as long as a wise decision can be made

2. Before start writing. Once you have decided, prepare a more ‘serious’ draft. Start with the introduction. Look out for all the key words tested e.g. monopsony, monopoly, price discrimination and others. These are the words that need to be defined. Next will be the KAA or points. List out at least 3 then followed by at least 3 evaluations too. Consider whether diagrams are needed. In my personal opinion, I think all the essays in Unit 3 can be supported by diagram. Also, consider whether numerical examples and some real life examples can fit in. Examiners often complain about the quality of essays, citing that most of them are ‘boring and homogenous’. This is because, answers appear to be too theoretical and they do not reflect a student’s genuine understanding and appreciation of the subject. Evaluations may be more challenging. Always think of whether you can contradict your previous explanations/ the question, different possibilities in the short run and long run, the magnitude of the issue and whether it is possible to prioritise. A conclusion is needed under the new assessment. It is upon weighing the whole issue and arriving at your own personal opinion. For an instance, you may consider advantages as KAA and disadvantages as evaluations. The closing will be whether you think one side is more dominant than the other

3. Introduction. Introduction should be not too long. It must include definitions for sure and you are recommended to write another one or two sentences that exhibit your knowledge about the keyword. As an example, “Price discrimination is the practice of selling the same good or service to different market at different price with no relation to costs. Such practice is commonly seen in all kinds of businesses with the pure aim to drive revenue and hence profits to a new higher level”. There is also a possibility that some essays may have more than one key word. If that is the case, you are highly recommended to repeat the process. On what else to write other than definition is highly subjective as it depends on how deep is your working knowledge on the topic itself. Students who don’t read that often may find it rather challenging 

To be continued....

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