Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Video Lesson by Richard Pettinger on Market Failure: An Introduction

This is Richard Pettinger, a lecturer from Lady Margaret Hall and a former examiner of Edexcel. He is a dedicated writer/ economist and check out more of his postings at

www. economicshelp.org

This video is good for those who are still wondering what Market Failure is all about. Somehow, to those who never experience video learning, this maybe a bit difficult. So try to get used to it from now. It is never too late. Also I find it more effective since it is simulating and interactive. This is how I learn economics- making everything interesting to me, by substituting away from those thick and boring textbooks


Anonymous said...

Their is no such thing as a market failure. Only government failure. The financial crisis is a result of government stupid poilcy.

CrotchGrab'd said...

Thanks for the informative video sir!