Sunday, June 8, 2008

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Hi there,

This blog is created as a medium to disseminate as much information as possible to all those students who are currently taking the A-Level Economics out there with special emphasis on DEVELOPING the EVALUATION skills. These skills are so scarce & uncommon among students & yet they are to utmost important in the real A-Level examination.

Issues that I touch will cover a huge spectrum including Economics, Social & Politics. Bear in mind that all those three are actually inter-related. I will bring you all to venture into the economics around the globe with special reference on Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa & Asia (including Malaysia). I will try to keep it brief, comprehensive & of course as interesting as possible.

Issues that I will cover are such as:
  1. Shopping & the economy
  2. Is inflation really that bad?
  3. Oil price shock to Malaysians & many oil related issues
  4. Purchasing power: Men vs Women
  5. Worry about China or India?
  6. Weak country administration. Who benefits & who don't?
  7. Economic effects of Euro 2008